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Best Home Care Agency in Philadelphia

Clients now have the flexibility to choose how to conduct assessment. in-person, FaceTime, duo, zoom, or telephonically.

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If you’re living with a condition or plan to recuperate in the comfort of your home, our compassionate and courteous caregivers provide home care that may help you manage your independent lifestyle. With customized care plans that outline the personalized care you require, First horizon Home Care offers affordable, flexible scheduling for the assistance you may need to enjoy a safer experience at home.


Our trusted caregivers undergo extensive national background checks that ensure you experience the quality care that you deserve. With ongoing educational programs and training, we are knowledgeable and can offer helpful, respectful care. Our experienced caregivers provide high-quality home care that helps you focus on your health and wellness. Call us today for a free consultation.

Home Care Nurses Providing Complete Care Services in Philadelphia

First Horizon provides daily living services to patients at home:


  • Companionship & Home Helper

  • Meal preparation

  • Bathing

  • Grocery shopping

  • Dressing

  • And many other services  See more >>

In Need of Home Care Nurses?

First Horizon Homecare Homepage and Services

When you are searching for agencies in Northeast Philadelphia, Montgomery county, or the greater Philadelphia area, you should find a home health agency that can give you the exact options you need. You need elderly home care to help your loved ones live well, and you deserve affordable professionals that offer the best care. Learn about these services so that your family can stay in Philadelphia, you can bring care to your loved one’s northeast Philadelphia home, or rehabilitate with personal home care.

What Is Complete Home Care?

Complete home care is a service that offers the best care and services for any loved one. Senior home care in Philadelphia is needed to bring a home health nurse in the house or an in home caregiver when needed. You can request medical care, or you can ask the in home caregiver to handle a few things around the house.


Complete home care is an affordable way to keep the elderly in their own home, or complete home care helps you get the affordable rehab services you need. You can call the agency for help, or you should compare agencies to learn about how home health care or home health nursing services work.

Who Needs Home Care Assistance?

When you contact a Philadelphia home care agency, you can also get home health care services in Montgomery County, PA, Northeast Philadelphia and Delaware County. You can talk to the home care team about where your Philadelphia home is located, and you can explain how the agency can help you.


You will discuss the agency schedule for your elderly loved one, and you can request a home health nurse, home health aide, in home caregiver, or other home care assistance. You need to know if home care nursing for your elderly loved ones is affordable, and you need to know if personal home care for yourself is affordable.


When you have been injured, you can request personal home care. You might need 24 hour home care when you cannot move around. You might need an in home caregiver because there are certain things you cannot do. Plus, you might need a home health nurse if your elderly loved one is very sick.

Who Should Contact a Philadelphia Care Agency?

When you need home health care for yourself or an elderly loved one, you should check on Philadelphia agencies that can help you. The agency will talk to you about what you need, and they can recommend home health care that works for you. Elderly home care is needed whether they live with you or alone. You can ask for a home health aide who can help with medication and simple medical items. You can ask for home health nursing when advanced medical care is needed.


Plus, the best agencies will let you choose from a list of nurses or home health aides. A woman might only want to be visited by a woman, and someone who needs an in home caregiver might need a man who can do simple tasks around the house.

Do You Need 24 Hour Home Care or Basic Home Care?


Elderly home care is the most common home care service that people ask for. Of course, you could get personal home care for yourself, but your elderly loved one might actually live with you. You can ask the Philadelphia home care agency to come to the house during the day when you are not there. Also, you could ask the Philadelphia home care agency for 24 hour home care because your elderly loved one prefers to live alone.


24 hour home care is needed when someone might wake up in the middle of the night. The home health care professionals will take shifts to make sure that the elderly are safe. Elderly home care is needed when the elderly insist on living alone. You can get daily elderly home care when these loved ones live with you. You might not be there during the day, and home care nursing provides the medical care your loved ones need.


What is the Difference Between a Home Health Nurse and an in Home Caregiver?


Personal home care is split into home care nursing and home health aide services. The home health professional might offer basic medical services that do not need to be done by a nurse. This person can offer complete home care that includes a few chores around the house.


Home care assistance might include cooking meals, bathing, and chores. The agency can send someone who can do what is needed in the house. You can get help in your Philadelphia or northeast Philadelphia home, and you should ask the agency for home care assistance that lasts the proper amount of time. You get the best care if you are not there, and the Philadelphia professionals will trade-off with you when you get home.


How Does Home Care Nursing Improve Your Quality of Life?


Home care assistance in Philadelphia or northeast Philadelphia improves the quality of life that your loved ones enjoy. When you find the best home care assistance, you should ask the company where they can go in Philadelphia. You might find someone who comes to you in your part of Philadelphia, or you could find the best professional who lives around the corner. You get more convenient care, and you do not need to worry about where in Philadelphia you might live.


Can a Home Health Aide Help Seniors Become Active Again?


When you get assistance in the house for seniors in Philadelphia, you can improve your quality of life or help a loved one live well in their golden years. You can call the company in Philadelphia, and you should talk to them about all of the things that you need. You should lay out a schedule that works for you, and you should specify the exact options that you require. Also, you can get 24 hour care that will help the elderly live in their own home.

Better Care Starts with You!


“First Horizon cared for my mother daily after she was diagnosed with Alzheimers. The care they provided for her was first class. My family is forever grateful.”


Audrey Sellers


“I live in New York and I am unable to be with my father daily. The staff at First Horizon made sure dad was not lonely and was well taken care of. 


Arthur Milton

“I was referred by a friend of a friend and I couldn't be more happier with how professional and curious the staff are to my elderly mother and father.”


Kiana Taylor


“My mom needs assistance with day to day chores and Horizon is there to help her when I am unable to. I don't know what I would do without them!”


Ralph Pearlman

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